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Brighton - East Sussex Records Office:

Letter from Robert Buchanan -1889
(asking for help in launching a play. Ashburnham Family Archive. Ref. ASH 803)



Cambridge - Trinity College Library:

1. Letter from Robert Buchanan
(Cullum K281)
2. Letters from Robert Buchanan to Lord Houghton - 1864-1871
(Houghton 435-47 & 9318-319)
3. Letter from Robert Buchanan to Henry Sidgwick - 3 July, 1870
(“Asks HS to accept an enclosed copy of the ‘Book of [Sorrow]’ [not included]. Says that [Roden] Noel showed HS’s letter to him, and expresses delight that HS liked his work. Claims not to mind that he did not like his Poems, and expresses gratitude for HS ‘standing by my side when [he] really needed “backing”’. Refers to Noel and his poetry.” Add.Ms.9363.)



Leeds - University of Leeds Library:

Letter to Edmund Gosse - 1887 [available on this site]

Letter to Bram Stoker - 1889
(Brotherton Collection. In Stoker Correspondence.
The following description of this letter is on the Henry Irving Correspondence site:
“Author: Buchanan, Robert Williams
Address: 17 Cavendish Place, W.
Recipient: Stoker, Bram (Abraham)
Address: [London]
Date: [1889], June, 21
Document Type: Letter (3+ p.)
Content Summary: Was unable to see Stoker before. He sends circular for the [Edwin?] Danvers benefit, for which he has taken Irving's advice and made private. Others, as well as the usual subscriptions, have been promised. He asks for Irving and Ellen Terry's subscriptions and discusses how to allot the money to Danvers. who seems unable to find employment in theatres.
Notes: The enclosed printed circular mentions that Irving "always tender and sympathetic towards his less fortunate brethren" has opened and heads the list, with Ellen Terry contributing. Stoker's note on the letter says a cheque for £15 was sent 24/6/89. (The date may possibly be 1884.) It is not certain whether this is the Edwin Danvers who created the part of Dame Hatley in 'Black-Eyed Susan' in 1829, or a son.”)



Lincoln - Tennyson Research Centre:

Letters from Robert Buchanan to Alfred Tennyson - 1864-1873
(Seven letters (3442, 3443, 3443A, 3444-3447) mostly relating to loans.) [available on this site]



British Library:

1. Letter to Sir Anthony Panizzi - 1861
(Add. 48340 f. 237. British Museum Reading Room Papers: a selection of applications and recommendations for tickets of admission to the Reading Room of the British Museum, consisting of letters, printed forms, etc.; Vol. I, 1837-1870; Vol. II, 1871-1881.)
2. Plays by Robert Buchanan, submitted for licence - 1862, 1864
(Add. 53014 C, Add. 53035 J. The Lord Chamberlain’s Plays And Day-Books; 1851-1899, 1824-1903.)
3. Letter to 4th Lord Carnarvon - 1871
(Add. 61054 f. 14. The Carnarvon Papers. Official and private correspondence and papers of Henry H. M. Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon, Under-Secretary for the Colonies 1858-1859, Colonial Secretary 1866-1867, 1874-1878, and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1885-1886, together with other letters and papers mostly relating to the Herbert family.)
4. Letter to R. Browning - 1872
(Ashley. A4374 ff. 91-92. Letters from A. C. Swinburne and other writers to various correspondents; 1871-1909. v. A294.) [available on this site]
5. Play by Robert Buchanan, submitted - 1876
(Add. 53168 G. The Lord Chamberlain’s Plays And Day-Books; 1851-1899, 1824-1903.)
6. Agreements with R. Bentley and Son - 1876-1884
(Add. 46619 ff. 9, 139, Add. 46621 ff. 184, 198, 212. Bentley Papers. Records of the publishing house known successively as Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley (1829-Aug.1832), Richard Bentley (Sept.1832-Feb.1871), and Richard Bentley and Son (Feb.1871-Aug.1898.)
7. Letter to Miss De Grey - ca. 1880
(Add. 42575 f.103. Sherborn Autographs; original letters and papers, mainly of the 19th and 20th cent., selected from the collection of Charles Davies Sherborn, D.Sc. (d. 1942), which was formed largely in connection with his work at the British Museum (Natural History).)
8. Letters to Chatto and Windus - 1881-1899
(Add MS 52480. British Records Association Collection. Vol. VII (ff. 124). Letters, etc., of, and on behalf of, Robert Williams Buchanan, poet and novelist, to Chatto and Windus; 1881-1899, n.d. Partly printed. Most of the letters are addressed to Andrew Chatto.) [available on this site]
9. Letters to W. E. Gladstone - 1883-1898.
(Add. 44480 f. 152, Add. 44500 f. 262, Add. 44510 f. 12, Add. 44517 f. 7, Add. 44526 f. 256. A Selection from the correspondence, official and private, literary manuscripts and other papers of William Ewart Gladstone (b. 1809, d. 1898).)
10. Letters to G. B. Shaw - 1891-1896.
(Add. 50529 ff. 179-212. The Papers of George Bernard Shaw.) [available on this site]
11. Letters to A. R. Wallace - 1899.
(Add. 46441 ff. 191-196. Alfred Russel Wallace Papers. Literary Manuscripts and correspondence of Alfred Russel Wallace, O.M., F.R.S. (b. 1823, d. 1913), naturalist; 1848-1914.
[Fully annotated transcripts available on the Wallace Letters Online website. The letters are also available on this site.]
12. Letters to William Sharp - 4 January, n.y. and Mrs. William Sharp - 7 July, n.y.
(BL Call No: PC RP5421(v) - reserved photocopies)
13. Archive of the Royal Literary Fund
The British Library holds the records of two applications from Robert Buchanan (and one from Harriett Jay) to the Royal Literary Fund. Buchanan received two grants of £150 each:

Case 2537; BL Call No: M1077/103:
1. Application form, signed by Buchanan, 6 March 1899.
2. Harriett Jay to A. Llewellyn Roberts, 6 March 1899.
3. W.E.H. Lecky to Roberts, 5 March 1899.
4. Harry Campbell to the Committee, 7 March 1899.
5. Jay to Roberts, 12 March 1899.
6. Buchanan to Roberts, 27 March 1899.
7. Receipts signed by Jay, March/July 1899.
(On October 19th, 1900 Buchanan suffered the massive stroke “which rendered him helpless as a little child.”)
8. Application form signed by John Coleman for Buchanan, 21 November 1900.
9. J.M. Barrie to Roberts, 26 November 1900.
10. J.J. Gorham to Coleman, 19 November 1900.
11. Campbell to Coleman, 21 November 1900.
12. Coleman to Roberts, 4 November 1900.
13. Jay to Roberts, 15 December 1900.
14. Jay to Roberts, 15 December 1900.
15. Jay to Roberts, n.d.
16. Jay to Roberts, n.d.
17. Jay to Roberts, n.d.
18. Receipts signed by Jay, December 1900/February 1901.

Harriett Jay’s application for £100 was sponsored by Hall Caine and R.E. Francillon:
Case 2703; BL Call No: M1077/110:
1. Application, signed by Jay, 6 June 1905.
2. Jay to Roberts, 6 June 1905.
3. Francillon to Roberts, 6 June 1905.
4. Jay to Roberts, 7 June 1905.
5. Caine to Roberts, 13 June 1905.
6. Jay to Roberts, 16 June 1905.
7. Jay to Roberts, 17 June 1905.
8. Receipt signed by Jay, 12 July 1905.
9. Jay to Roberts, 22 June 1905.


British Library of Political and Economic Science:

4 letters from Robert Buchanan to Frederic Harrison - 1871-1893
(In Harrison 1/25)


Greater London Record Office:

Letter [fragment] from Robert Buchanan to Mr Marstin - ca. 1877


Royal Literary Fund:

Letter from Robert Buchanan as a sponsor - 1891
(In case file 2365)


University of London Library:

1. Letter from Robert Buchanan to Herbert Spencer
2. Letter from Robert Buchanan to Austin Dobson - 1878




John Rylands University Library:

2 letters from Robert Buchanan to W.F. Tillotson & Son
(In Tillotson Deposit 17)


Manchester Central Library:

Letter [signed fragment] from Robert Buchanan
(Brothers 48)



Nottingham - University of Nottingham Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections:

Letter to Henrietta Eliza Monckton Arundell, the 6th Viscountess Galway - 22 December
(Papers of the Monckton-Arundell Family, Viscounts Galway of Serlby Hall, Nottinghamshire. Ga 2D197)




Bodleian Library:

1. 2 letters from Robert Buchanan to Anthony Trollope
2. Letter from Robert Buchanan to Miss K. Stoker
(MS. Autogr.b.9, no.538)
3. Letters from Robert Buchanan to Bertram Dobell - 1885
(MS.Dobell c.4, fols.223-231)


Somerville College Library:

Letter from Robert Buchanan to Amelia Edwards - 1873
(Amelia Edwards Collection/26)



Reading - University of Reading Library:

The archives of Buchanan’s last publisher, Chatto & Windus, are kept at the University of Reading, however all they possess is “a thick wad of contracts, among which the latest item is dated 1954 and refers to Buchanan’s solicitors, Martyns & Gane of 2 Temple Gardens, EC4.”



Stratford-upon-Avon - Shakespeare Birthplace Trust:

3 letters to Marie Corelli - 1887-1898
(DR777/50/f.2, DR777/50/f.15) [available on this site]



The Open University - The Sampson Low Collection

Letter to Edward Marston - 14 June [1868 or 1869]
[available on this site]




Dublin - Trinity College Library:

3 letters from Robert Buchanan to W.E.H. Lecky - 1890-1899
(In MSS1827-1836)




The Hague - Koninklijke Bibliotheek - Nationale bibliotheek van Nederland

Letter to W.E.H. Lecky - 9 March, 1896.
(Request No. KW 72 E 16)



New Zealand

Wellington - Alexander Turnbull Library:

Letters from Robert W. Buchanan to Robert Browning - 1864-1879
(Ref. No. qMS-0293. 1 volume (ca 80 pages). Letters cover literary work of both men and others of their time. Bound by Sangorski & Sutcliffe.) [available on this site]




Edinburgh - National Library of Scotland:

1. Letter to Mr. Blackwood (Blackwood’s Publishers) - [1859] (MS 4136)
2. Letter to Le Chevalier de Chatelain - [1859] (MS 10279)
3. Letter to Hepworth Dixon - [1860] (MS 3813)
4. Letter to David Gray Snr. - 10 December, 1861 (MS 8463)
5. Letter to David Gray Snr. - 12 February, 1862 (MS 8463)
6. Letter to David Gray Snr. - 10 June [1862] (MS 8463)
7. Letter to Professor John Stuart Blackie - 2 May, 1865 (MS 2626)
8. Letter to the Dalziel Brothers - 23 June, 1866 (MS 3813)
9. Letter to Professor John Stuart Blackie - 26 February, 1871 (MS 2630)
10. Letter to John Blackwood - 1 September, 1871 (MS 4272)
11. Letter to Professor John Stuart Blackie - 14 October, 1871 (MS 2630)
12. Letter to Professor John Stuart Blackie - 4 December, 1871 (MS 2630)
13. Letter to John Chapman - 1 September [1873] (MS 3813)
14. Letter to Rev. Frederick Langbridge - 7 March [1882] (MS 9812)
15. Letter to Alfred Henry Miles - 11 March [1891] (MS 9814)
16. Letter to William Sharp - 18 September, 1892 (MS 15941)
17. Letter to Lord Rosebery - 9 July, 1894 (MS 10096)
18. Letter to Dr. A. Stodart Walker - 10 November [1894] (MS 9814)
19. Letter to Mrs. Blackie - 4 March, 1895 (MS 2640)
20. Letter to Dr. A. Stodart Walker - 2 September, 1895 (MS 2640)
21. Letter to Dr. A. Stodart Walker - 14 January [1900] (MS 2642)
22. Letter to Professor Blackie - [n. d.] (MS 2642)
23. Letter to James S. Cotton - 23 April [n. y.] (MS 9812)

The National Library of Scotland also has two letters of Harriett Jay to Blackwood’s Publishers:
1. Letter to [John Blackwood] - 5 November, 1878 (MS 4376)
2. Letter to John Blackwood - 3 January [1879] (MS 4392)

And two letters to Buchanan:
1. Letter from Norman Macleod (editor of ‘Good Words’) - n.d. (Acc 7367)
2. Letter from T. & A. Constable - 21 November, 1895 (MS 23261)

[All the above are available on this site]




University of Glasgow Library:

Letter from Robert Buchanan - 5 May
(Unnamed correspondent. Thanking him for sending a book. MS.Gen.514/73)


Glasgow District Libraries, Mitchell Library:

Letter from Robert Buchanan to Alexander Strahan - 1872




New York - New York Public Library:

1. Letter to Frank Hoyt - 11 September, 1884
(1 autograph letter signed : 11 Sep 1884 (S'ANA 0744), admits: "Of course we all love Shelley the poet, but personally I have a less exaggerated liking for Shelley the man." Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle: Manuscripts, 1772-1925.)


San Marino, California - The Huntington Library:

1. Letter to R. H. Horne
(Inserted in a first edition of The Book of Orm (1870). R. H. Horne (1803-84) was a poet, critic and editor, and his autograph is on the title page of the book.)




Folger Shakespeare Library:

1. 8 Letters to Augustin Daly - 1875-1893
(Augustin Daly (1838-1899) Letters and Papers, 1849-1916. Y.c.2775.
Plus a copy of a letter from William Terriss to Buchanan regarding Daly’s production of A Man’s Shadow. Y.c. 5074.) [available on this site]
2. Letter to William Hepworth Dixon [1862]
3. Letter to Alexander Strahan - 1 February 1873
(Includes proof and corrections of ‘Kitty Kemble’. Y.c.301)
4. Letter to Nicholas Trübner [1877]
5. Letter to the Press - 7 July [1888]
[All the above available on this site]


Library of Congress:

1. Letter to Robert Browning - 13 May 1865
([LC] 65049-00) [available on this site]
2. Letter to Walt Whitman
(Papers of Walt Whitman in the Charles E. Feinberg Collection. General Correspondence, 1841-1892, n.d. Box 4, Reel 2-3)


Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art:

1. Letter to Thomas Buchanan Read - 26 February 1871
[available on this site]


University Libraries:

Baylor University, Waco, Texas - Armstrong Browning Library

1. Letter to G. R. Sims - n.d.
[available on this site]

2. Letter from Robert Browning - 20 March 1869
[available on this site]

3. Mary Buchanan’s Album.
[Selected pages available on this site
or available online at the Armstrong Browning Library]



Brigham Young University, Utah - L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library:

1. Letter to H. S. Salt - 4 March 1893
(“A splendid letter, mostly about Tennyson, Buchanan's refusal to write a memorial to the Laureate and his opinion of him as a poet. "...What a satire on literature it is to find the whole world flocking to worship the Poets of Good Taste while a singer like James Thomson dies neglected..." The writer is, of course, the author of The Fleshly School of Poetry; the recipient a man of letters and an early biographer of Richard Jefferies.” David Bickersteth Magee (1905-1977) Collection of Victorian and Edwardian Manuscripts, 1812-1952. 36:2150.)



University at Buffalo, The State University of New York - Poetry and Special Collections:

1. Letter from Robert Buchanan - 19 January 1858

2. Letter to John Hollingshead - 22 December 1873
(B540, F38 ALs)



University of California, Berkeley, The Bancroft Library - Mark Twain Papers

Letter to Samuel L. Clemens - 19 May 1899
(UCLC 46237)



U.C.L.A. - Charles E. Young Research Library - Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection, ca. 1750 -:

1: Box 7: Buchanan, Robert Williams, 1841-1901. Correspondence. v.p., v.d. 1 item. Holograph.
[available on this site]

2: Box 7: Buchanan, Robert Williams, 1841-1901. Correspondence. v.p., v.d. 36 items. Holograph.
1 letter to Sir Edwin Arnold, n.d. 2 letters to Lady Monckton, n.d. 1 letter to Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, May 25, 1899. 5 letters to Leonard Smithers, 1898. 1 letter to James Grant Wilson, ca. 1883. 1 letter to George Linnaeus Banks, [ca. 1863]. 1 letter to Justin J. McCarthy, n.d.)
[available on this site]

William Hepworth Dixon Papers:

1. Box 1: Buchanan, Robert Williams, 1841-1901.
(Separate folder, 22 items).
[available on this site]



Colorado College, Tutt Library - Alice Bemis Taylor Collection:

Letter to Benjamin Webster Jr. - 28 June 1867
[available on this site]



Georgetown University Library - William Zimmerman Manuscripts Collection:

1. Autograph Note to Miss Etta Watson - 1 October, 1882
("With Robert Buchanan's compliments and best wishes to an American friend, Miss Etta Watson." Dated: London, Oct. 1,1882. Box: 1 Fold: 5)



Harvard University, Houghton Library:

1. Letter to T. K. Chambers - 5 June 1870
(Autograph File, B.)
2. Letter to Nicholas Trübner - 27 February 1880
(Autograph File, B.)
3. Letter to Messrs. Fields & Osgood, New York City - 22 September [1884]
(Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 1836-1907, Papers (MS Am 1429) (1014))

[All the above are available on this site]



Indiana University, Lilly Library:

The Dixon mss. collection contains the following:

1. Letter to William Hepworth Dixon - 29 October 1862
(Criticizes John Keats’ “Endymion”.)
2. Letter to William Hepworth Dixon - 14 November 1862
(Refers to James Macfarlan, 1832-1862, Glasgow poet.)

The English Literature mss.,1851-1900 collection contains the following:

3. Letter to Dr. [John] Doran - 30 July 1866
(Bexhill address. ‘States that he is enclosing the notice of Swinburne’s ‘Poems & Ballads’, and that he found it to be “the silliest and nastiest book I have seen in years.”
Removed from a copy of London Poems (Lilly PR4262 .L84). 1980.)

4. Letter to [Henry Chandler] Bowen - 21 January [1885]
(Address: 42 East 23rd Street, Madison Square, New York. ‘Acknowledges receipt of check, regrets that “… much as I should like to send you correspondence, I could not do so on the terms you mention…”’
Tipped in following front endpaper of The Fleshly School of Poetry and other phenomena of the day (Lilly PR594 .B92). 1985.)

(Buchanan’s name is also listed among correspondence in the S. C. Woodward Manuscript Collection.)



University of Iowa Libraries, Special Collections Department:

Letter to Alexander Strahan - 6 February [1879]
(Requesting a loan of £12. MsL/B919/s)

(Buchanan’s name is also listed in the Francis Bennoch Correspondence, 1838-1886.)



University of Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections:

1. 8 Letters to G. R. Sims - 1885-1895
(MS 49:2 - 49:9)
2. Winning Postscript: poem
(MS 49:1)



University of Kentucky:

1. Letter to H. S. Salt - 11 March 1893
(Includes comment about invitation to a dinner in honour of Omar, and points out the inconsistency of being both a Christian and a devotee of the poet. 64M183)
2. Letter - 22 February
(Inquiry about the possibility of contributing material to Youth’s Companion published by Perry, Mason & Co., Boston. 64M183)
3. Letter - 10 April
(A request to return a book. 64M183)



University of Michigan, University Library, English Literary Authors Collection:

1. Letter to Alexander H. Japp - 13 November 1876
(Is having the complete Shadow sent; comments on the effort of writing the last chapters. Address: Belmullet, Ireland.)

(The University of Michigan also has a letter from Swinburne (January 26th [1869]) to Buchanan, regretting an invitation to a reading arrived too late to be used. Available in the Fleshly School Controversy section.)



University of Notre Dame:

Copy of letter to Charles Warren Stoddard - December 1891

Enclosed in letter of Stoddard to Father Daniel E. Hudson, 27th December, 1891.
(Buchanan sends his "Outcast" along with the picture Stoddard asks for and some other books of his. Stoddard will notice that in "Outcast" Buchanan has treated him as a real friend and borrowed some phrases and ideas. He is sorry he missed Stoddard while he was in London. The autobiography Stoddard speaks of would be a morsel for the gods. Buchanan would be grateful if Stoddard would send something for the new review he is floating. Robert Louis Stevenson has been sending from Samoa sketches of the South Sea Islands, which beside Stoddard's divine idyls look like dingy photographs. The life Stoddard describes is godlike. 8pp.)



Pennsylvania State University, Special Collections Library:

The Mortlake Collection of English Life and Letters, 1591-1963, contains three Buchanan letters:
1. Letter to Frederick Chapman (of Chapman and Hall, publishers) - 7 March 1874
(about reprinting The Land of Lorne, with integral reply, 9 March 1874.)
2. Letter to Miss Caldwell - 25 June (after 1875)
(about a part in The Queen of Connaught.)
3. Letter to Grant Richards - 27 September, 1900
(about three books, Latterday Letters, Recollections, and The Coming Terror.)

The Theatre History Collection contains the following items:

4. Letter to N. Howe - 30 September 1878
(asks in confidence if the recipient knows if there might be an opening at the Haymarket Theatre for his new comedy. Buchanan refers in the letter to a previous acquaintance during the rehearsal of his play, a Madcap Prince, performed in 1875.)
5. Vesper Hymn: poem
(A Vesper hymn, is in three verses and is presumably in Buchanan’s hand. Robert Buchanan’s signature is pasted on the bottom of the page.)

The Allison-Shelley Manuscript Collection contains the following:

6. Letter to Edmund Clarence Stedman - 12 February, c. 1870
(asks for advice on visiting America, mentioning writers he would like to meet, and a good place for him to stay. He also mentions Stedman's Blameless Prince as a lively subject for a play, and describes a play of his own presented recently.)



Princeton University Library:

1. 7 letters - 1897
(General Manuscripts [Misc.] (C0140) (1897). Box: BUA-BUR. Folder: Buchanan, Robert, 1841-1901. Record Id: 50791)
2. Letter to James Payn - 1864
(General Manuscripts [Misc.] (C0140) (1864). Box: PAU-PAZ. Folder: Payn, James, 1830-1898. Subfolder: 3. Record Id: 50792)
3. Letter to Warne & Co.
(General Manuscripts [Misc.] (C0140) (n.d.). Box: WAA-WAR. Folder: Warne, Frederick, 1825-1901. Record Id: 115163)
4. Letter
(Janet Camp Troxell Collection of Rossetti Manuscripts (C0189) (n.d.). Series: II. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882). Subseries: ii. Correspondence. Box: 10. Folder: 6: Watts-Dunton, W. Theodore (bound volume). Description: 1 letter(s) by n.d. ALS (on verso of one of T. H. Caine's letters; accompanied by typescript copy). Record Id: 50793.)
5. Letter to Robert Browning - 1871
(Janet Camp Troxell Collection of Rossetti Manuscripts (C0189) (1871). Series: V. Papers of Other Persons. Subseries: Browning, Robert (1812-1889). Box: 20. Folder: 43: Browning, Robert. Record Id: 50794.)
6. 2 letters
(Janet Camp Troxell Collection of Rossetti Manuscripts (C0189) (n.d.). Series: V. Papers of Other Persons. Subseries: Buchanan, Robert Williams (1841-1901). Box: 21. Folder: 1: Buchanan, Robert Williams. Record Id: 50795.)
7. Letter to Charles Reade - 9 April
(Concerning a criticism of Reade in the Times and concerning Balder by Buchanan [Belmullet, Co. Mayo, Ireland]. Robert H. Taylor Collection (RTC01). Box: Reade Letterbook. Folder: Leaf 75. Record Id: 72264.)
8. Letter - 1873
(Butler Family Papers (C0064) (1873). Series: II. William Allen Butler (1825-102). Box: 32: I. Printed Material and J. Works of Other Persons. Folder: 16. Record Id: 50796.)
9. Buchanan’s copy of Oscar Wilde’s The Ballad of Reading Gaol
(Inscribed to Buchanan by Wilde and dated March ’98. Robert H. Taylor Collection (RHT). Call number: 19th-703.)



Rice University, Houston, Texas - Fondren Library

The following items contain no further information and no indication that this is the ‘right’ Robert Buchanan.

1. Letter to J. G. WIlson - 18 August
2. Letter to Serge Redway - 14 November
3. Letter to Henry Edwards - 21 April, 1884
4. Letter to Fred Dolman - 23 October, 1890
5. Letter to F. Stanley - 3 August, 1894
6. Letter to Mrs. Evans Bell - 20 March
7. Letter to J. G. Wilson, “Notes in Paris” - 18 August



San Diego State University Library - Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, 1800-1987

Letter to Alex Shahan - n.d.
(The novelist writes that he enclosed a draft of chapter one for the recipient. Box 1, Folder 27.
Although the online listing has ‘Alex Shahan’, I’d be surprised if this wasn’t a letter to Alexander Strahan.)



University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center - Oscar Wilde Collection:

Letter to Oscar Wilde



Wellesley College Library - Special Collections

Letter to Henry Allen - 21 February, 1868
(Concerning an essay on the subject of Matthew Arnold.)
[available on this site]



Yale University Library (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library):

1. Letter to William Hepworth Dixon - 27 May 1866
(ALS concerning the death of Buchanan's father, Robert Buchanan.General Collection Manuscript Miscellany - A-C Gen. Mss. Misc. 1161 F-1)
2. Letter to Richard Garnett - 24 March 1878
(General Collection Manuscript Miscellany - A-C Gen. Mss. Misc. 1161 F-2)
3. Letter to Linton - 28 October 1883
(In answer to Linton’s request to use some of Buchanan’s poems. MS Vault. Shelves. Linton.)

The James Marshall and Marie-Louise Osborn Collection (OSB Mss File Osborn Manuscript Files: “B” (#550-2563) contains the following:
4. Letter to Dalziel Bros. - 25 March 1874
5. Letter to John Hollingshead - 27 December [1880]
6. Letter to Alexander Strahan [n.d.]
(Uses the pseudonym, W. H. Loraine. 2058)
7. 10 letters to W. Moy Thomas - 1880-86
(On current theatre. 2059)
8. Portraits, etc. [n.d.]
9. Letter to Walter Hamilton - 8 July 1882
(Responds to Hamilton's prospectus for a pamphlet entitled "Aesthetic Movement." Osborn Collection, Bound Manuscripts, pd142)
10. Letter to Walter Hamilton - 10 July 1882
(as above)

The following are contained in the George Eliot and George Henry Lewes Collection. Section III. Letters to/about George Eliot & George Henry Lewes. Box Folder 7:

11. Letter to George Eliot - 9 December 1878
12. Letter to George Henry Lewes - 30 June 1864
13. Letter to George Henry Lewes - 6 August 1864
14. Letter to George Henry Lewes - 15 August 1864

The Edwin J. Beinecke Collection of Robert Louis Stevenson:

15. Letter to Robert Louis Stevenson - n.d. (188-)



(I’d like to thank the following people for their help with compiling this list:
Helen Burton, Rachel Craig, Jean Rose and Zoë Stansell.)


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